Paramount Learning Hub

Learning Hubs use small, safe spaces to connect groups of children to their teachers virtually.

Learning Hubs use great facilitators (often parents or Learning Hub staff) to ensure a strong, functional connection between the student, their technology, and the teacher.

Because of the pandemic, many families have decided to utilize Learning Hubs for their children. At My Learning Nook, families can choose to join our Learning Hub, giving their child access to a 100% free virtual education in a physical space with excellent facilitators. My Learning Nook uses Paramount Online Academy for virtual instruction, providing students with a rigorous curriculum, high-quality, licensed teachers, and a safe learning environment. And, all students who participate in the Learning Hub receive free technology with hot spots (when needed), and all necessary school books.


The Learning Hub at My Learning Nook connects your child to an accredited free public school that meets all requirements for high-quality education as listed by the Indiana Department of Education. If you are interested in enrolling in school through the Learning Hub at My Learning Nook, click here for more information

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